About Me

Anne Marie Foley - Reiki Master - Spiritual Life Coach - Beauty ConsultantWho is Anne Marie Foley?

Hi, my name is Anne Marie Foley. I am a spiritual life coach, Reiki master, and beauty consultant.

I was born and raised in beautiful Limerick, Ireland. I emigrated to the United states in 1996 after summering in the Hamptons, Long Island during my college years... my intention at the time was never to end up living here in America but my journey has led me here today and I am grateful for all the roads I have traveled and experienced both good and bad as it helped me evolve and open my gifts, which placed me doing what I do now.

Many experiences have helped me understand myself and the power that is within us as humans. After surviving meningitis in 1997 and having a close to death experience, my natural intuitive psychic gifts started to open.

A painful divorce unfortunately was also part of my journey and after 14 years of marriage the emotional trauma led me to find meditation and Reiki. After sustaining a permanent injury to my lingual nerve, meditation, Reiki and yoga help me deal with the constant physical pain and all the side effects that accompany this injury.

I studied marketing and accounting but it never satisfied my soul so about 15 years ago I went back and got my license to study Esthetics and makeup. This gave me a creative outlet for my creative side and also gave me the opportunity to work on people one on one.

The experience of working in this industry and working with people was so powerful to me because the connection about this was not about the exterior beauty it was about healing the inside to be beautiful on the outside!

My intuitive sense grew, my Psychic ability continues to grow, which now leaves me to help and guide people and help them heal from their Traumas and their wounds. After many years of study and practice of both meditation and Reiki I am passionate about sharing and educating such a beautiful healing practice!

The study of Reiki was so natural for me as from the time I was a child I was fascinated with energy and understanding that it is a universal energy! Everything is so connected and when we surrender self magic happens. When your pain is healed it can be the most powerful thing and it can become your miracle!

My biggest gifts and best teachers in life have been my two beautiful children, my daughter and my son, who represent unconditional love!

My Mantra: “When we share we heal, when we heal we share!”

My Mission

Anne Marie Foley - Reiki Master - Spiritual Life Coach - Beauty Consultant"My mission is to guide and teach you in how to show up in your authentic self, to help you unleash any blocks you may have that are stopping you from being the best and most authentic you!

My mission is to make you feel understood and loved so that you can love and understand others. The mind body and spirit are so connected, so let's start “healing with me”.

The light in me sees and feels the light in you, let’s help you shine a little brighter!"

Anne Marie Foley