The importance of amino acids and AHA’s on the skin.

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The importance of Amino acids and AHA’s on the skin.

Ultraviolet radiation is one of the major causes of skin photo aging. Skin collagen metabolism abnormalities are induced by UV light and radiation.

UV radiation causes a decrease in collagen and induces wrinkle formation. The importance of amino acids are generally to regulate protein metabolism.

There is a natural decrease in the metabolism as we age there for either through diet and supplement intake of branched amino acids are necessary in order to have increase collagen production in the skin in particular as we age and head into our 40s.

Skin aging in particular wrinkling and sagging of the skin is induced by several factors, chemical stimulation dryness malnutrition and exposure to activate it’s oxygen all play a role in how the skin will age.

Dermal collagen is a major component of the skin dermis and is necessary to maintain the skin structure.

Amino acids are protein substrates and regulators of protein metabolism.

Glutamine increases procollagen levels and collagen contents protein synthesis from glutamine is important for collagen synthesis as well.

Proline and its precursors, glutamate and proline increase collagen synthesis in human fibroblast cells.

Proline is one of the 20 essential amino acids meaning that it can be treated and synthesize within the human body. It is involved in the body‘s production of collagen and cartilage. One sixth of collagen, a major building block of the skin is comprised of proline. According to research proline can break down protein to help create healthy cells and connective tissue in promoting firmer glowing skin,sagging, wrinkles and aging of skin due to sun exposure.

So as we age it is very necessary to aid the aging process by taking appropriate amino acids to help aid increase collagen production in the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acid‘s (AHA’s) naturally occurring carbolic acid’s are found in many foods including glycolic acid, lactic acid citric acid and among many others.

Overtime the (AHA) production in the skin decreases. One should become educated on what AHA’s are and know that products containing AHAs are used for smoothing fine lines and surface wrinkles improving skin texture and also unblocking cleansing pores by improving skin condition in general .

Sometimes AHAs are used in cosmetics for other purposes to help adjust the pH (the degree of acidity and alkalinity).

I suggest you learn more about proline L glutamine L arginine and what it can do for you and your skin. I have been taking these amino acids for about three years now and see a huge difference in my skin and my clients skin. Please always consult and get advice from your doctor before starting any new regiment of vitamin supplements to your diet.

Anne Marie Foley


Understanding How Reiki Helps Heal!

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Remembering that Rei is universal and ki is life force this healing modality allows and opens a pathway for people which brings clarity and focus to any given situation. It’s very gentle yet powerful in that it lowers the brain waves to between 8-10 hertz which as the receiver, puts you in that beautiful state of being where relaxation is weightless. This is where healing can happen in the body. Emotional, spiritual, physical or mental levels of being are realigned naturally by your body’s ability to heal at a cellular (DNA) level.

The life energy ki flows through us in a physical body through pathways called chakras and meridians, as well as around us in an energy fields called the aura. The free balanced flow of ki is the cause of health, and Ki sustains the physical organs and tissues as it flows through them. Ki nourishes the organ cells of the body in their vital functioning. When ki is disrupted, illnesses results.

Ki is responsive to feelings and thoughts. When we have positive thoughts, the flow of ki increases and causes us to feel better. However, negative thoughts results in the distraction in our ki and we do not feel as good when negative thoughts become entrenched in our subconscious mind, they may create a permanent or prolonged blockage in our ki. This can affect the organs and tissues of the body. image is the final functioning of those organs and cells. Unless the blockages is released, illness can result.

In giving a Reiki treatment, the higher consciousness part of the energy evaluates where the blocks exist and then direct the healing energy, often to the blocks nearest the hands. Sometimes it will go to the block that is most important even if it is far from the hands. Reiki energy works on healing the negative thoughts and emotions that block the natural flow of Ki.

By flowing through the blocked parts of the energy field in charging them with the positive energy Reiki raises the vibratory level in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings reside. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. Reiki clears and straightens the energy pathways, allowing healthy Ki to flow in a natural way. Once Ki is flowing well, naturally organs and tissues are then able to complete the healing process.

I hope this helps you understand this beautiful energy a little better!

Anne Marie Foley

Spiritual Life Coaching

It doesn’t have to be this way….. Heal the pain!

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It doesn’t have to be this way….. Heal the pain.

I have learned life is a choice and we can choose to either habitually and unconsciously perpetuate our pain or we can consciously decide to move into a more peaceful place which is more like our natural state in the first place.

Living with core wounds and trauma keeps us in victim mode and living with a victim mentality which will cripple authentic self and derail you from reaching your full potential in life.

When false beliefs manifest in us which usually happens somewhere in childhood by someone close to us, the beliefs are embedded into the Psyche and the soul by negative words spoken to us on a regular basis. This is why words are powerful, they have energy attached to them which will impact in a negative vibration and translate over the years by habits and behavioral patterns which will create destructive patterns and behaviors.

Negative habits are usually rooted deep in unconscious energies of a trauma from our past that has deeply hurt us and tries to haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Whatever your core wounds are I promise you they influence who you are and how you react to things and experiences that happens you in life.

When false beliefs manifest they rob us of being our authentic self and we go on a create an unauthentic life. Usually we become exhausted at some point in life and either emotional or physical symptoms will indicate the body and mind are not so happy.

At this point usually surrender is the only option and we start to understand and search for more. Peeling back the layers of the conditioning way we have been shown will start to unleash the real power that lies within us and being true to authentic self will start to form.

The real truth is, you are stronger than you ever imagined and more powerful than you could have ever realized, you can learn to heal and reject this learned pattern and realize who you actually are and who you were meant to be in the first place.

The name “Healing with me!”™️ is not necessarily about Healing with me, Anne Marie Foley, it’s about “You!”, it’s about Healing with yourself , me is you, you is me. I am here to guide and share and help you be the best you, you can possibly be!

Anne Marie Foley

Spiritual Life Coaching

Have the courage to be You!

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Don’t let your story own you, own your story. If you only realized all the power lies within you. No matter what has happened to you when you come to the place of having the courage to tell it and share it, healing starts healing happens. There is freedom that will start to enter into your soul.

In working with people over the years the one common thing that seems to be attached to us when it comes to emotional pain and emotional trauma is “Shame!”… Shame is what digs deep, and eats away at your soul. It will eat you alive faster than any disease.

Coming to a place of surrender is so raw, so revealing, it is by no means an easy trip or ride, but I promise you when you take the courage to move the pain and feel the pain a shift happens. Courage is a word I use often. It takes courage to tell your story, it takes courage to own your story, and most of all it takes courage to be YOU.

What does being YOU mean? Being authentic is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime. Being comfortable in your own skin, and not falling prey to what others think of what you should be or who you be is the key to all success and is most liberating for your soul. When you are authentic with self you will not only have freedom within but you will also allow others to be more comfortable with themselves.

The power of owning your story and sharing it creates a vibration of healing not only for yourself but for others because you are not alone. When you start to realize there is only one you, always will only be one you, you may start to realize how powerful you actually are and even though there are many like you, who will identify with you , there is still only one you!

Journaling is a great tool to use to start owning your story, write, let it flow, when you go back and read what you have written you may surprise yourself. Meditation will help you find peace and answers, prayer will give you strength, and being you will give you freedom!.

My mantra,
“When we heal we share, when we share we heal!”

— Anne Marie Foley


“In my interaction with Anne Marie, I found her to be immensely compassionate and she is dedicated to serving people. She has gained a deeper insight through her own healing journey and she uses herself as a vehicle to help people gain a deeper understanding of healing. She also expands the healthcare paradigm by adapting new technologies into the healing process to support and heal many.”

Stacy Tucker, RN Co-Founder & CEO, Almeda Labs LLC

“I have had many Reiki sessions with Anne Marie over the last year, and all I can say is she is ‘one of a kind!’… the minute I met her I was taken my her calm vibrating energy. The heat that comes from her hands during the Reiki sessions is incredible. After the session she spoke to me about meditation and taught me about chakras. I have had a beautiful transition in my life and I am finding my truth and my peace and a lot of my progress has to do with working with her. I am so grateful to her.”

Kelly Marie New York, NY

“Anne Marie gave me an amazing Reiki session. I have had it done before but nothing compares to the way she makes you feel. She cleared my thoughts, and healed me into thinking more clearly, she helped me and showed me ways not to stress out or to get mad at the littlest things. Just being around her energy makes you feel happy and beautiful. I’ve been meditating more lately like she suggested I do, and I believe it works. She is really gifted with beautiful hands to heal anyone. Everyone should experience her gift!”

Danielle Pagano Hawaii and New York

“I highly recommend Anne Marie Foley for a beauty consultation. I hired Anne Marie for my wedding to create my wedding day look for my make up. She gave me a natural look without looking over done. She was quite competitive on price and very flexible with scheduling ten bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, as well as me!”

Kelly Fenton Rutherford, NJ

“My husband passed away three years ago and, after being together for 47 years, I truly lost my best friend. The pain of missing a loved one is so deep, but by working with Anne Marie I have a deeper understanding and knowing that his spirit is very much with me. Anne Marie introduced me to yoga and Reiki and it has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend working with her.”

Linda Grella Long Island, NY

“I have been working with Anne Marie for over a year now with spiritual life coaching and distance Reiki work. I suffered from tremendous anxiety and depression but over the past year I have had healing happen and a big shift in understanding myself. Her kindness, compassion and no nonsense approach has truly changed me forever. I now see the world differently and know anything is possible for me.”

Micheal O’Neill Connecticut

“I was blessed and privileged to meet Anne Marie a couple of years ago. I was immediately taken by the warmth and beauty of her smile. For me, it went even deeper as I immediately felt an enormous healing vibration coming from her. As a healer myself, I find there to be many impostors, but Anne Marie is the real deal. If you have the chance, I would highly recommend that you take some time getting to know how she can help you.”

Jim Fargiano Author and Psychic Medium, Spoken Words of Spirit

“Saying Anne Marie Foley is ‘one of a kind’ is an understatement. She is such a beautiful soul with a bright spirit. My father passed in December 2016, and she has helped me see the light in my darkest hours as well as becoming one with knowing his spirit is present and talking to me. I embrace so much more in life because of her. Not only is she an amazing spiritual coach, she is also a friend of a lifetime. I highly recommend working with her.”

Mel Riley Long Island, NY

“Anne Marie has been taking care of my skin over the past few years and I highly recommend her on so many levels. She has transformed my skin and taken years away. Her kindness and compassion make you feel safe on the anti-aging journey. I highly suggest you see her for a beauty consultation as it will be the best investment of your time.”

Colleen Clarke New York