The importance of amino acids and AHA’s on the skin.

The importance of Amino acids and AHA’s on the skin.

Ultraviolet radiation is one of the major causes of skin photo aging. Skin collagen metabolism abnormalities are induced by UV light and radiation.

UV radiation causes a decrease in collagen and induces wrinkle formation. The importance of amino acids are generally to regulate protein metabolism.

There is a natural decrease in the metabolism as we age there for either through diet and supplement intake of branched amino acids are necessary in order to have increase collagen production in the skin in particular as we age and head into our 40s.

Skin aging in particular wrinkling and sagging of the skin is induced by several factors, chemical stimulation dryness malnutrition and exposure to activate it’s oxygen all play a role in how the skin will age.

Dermal collagen is a major component of the skin dermis and is necessary to maintain the skin structure.

Amino acids are protein substrates and regulators of protein metabolism.

Glutamine increases procollagen levels and collagen contents protein synthesis from glutamine is important for collagen synthesis as well.

Proline and its precursors, glutamate and proline increase collagen synthesis in human fibroblast cells.

Proline is one of the 20 essential amino acids meaning that it can be treated and synthesize within the human body. It is involved in the body‘s production of collagen and cartilage. One sixth of collagen, a major building block of the skin is comprised of proline. According to research proline can break down protein to help create healthy cells and connective tissue in promoting firmer glowing skin,sagging, wrinkles and aging of skin due to sun exposure.

So as we age it is very necessary to aid the aging process by taking appropriate amino acids to help aid increase collagen production in the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acid‘s (AHA’s) naturally occurring carbolic acid’s are found in many foods including glycolic acid, lactic acid citric acid and among many others.

Overtime the (AHA) production in the skin decreases. One should become educated on what AHA’s are and know that products containing AHAs are used for smoothing fine lines and surface wrinkles improving skin texture and also unblocking cleansing pores by improving skin condition in general .

Sometimes AHAs are used in cosmetics for other purposes to help adjust the pH (the degree of acidity and alkalinity).

I suggest you learn more about proline L glutamine L arginine and what it can do for you and your skin. I have been taking these amino acids for about three years now and see a huge difference in my skin and my clients skin. Please always consult and get advice from your doctor before starting any new regiment of vitamin supplements to your diet.

Anne Marie Foley

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