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Have the courage to be You!

Don’t let your story own you, own your story. If you only realized all the power lies within you. No matter what has happened to you when you come to the place of having the courage to tell it and share it, healing starts healing happens. There is freedom that will start to enter into your soul.

In working with people over the years the one common thing that seems to be attached to us when it comes to emotional pain and emotional trauma is “Shame!”… Shame is what digs deep, and eats away at your soul. It will eat you alive faster than any disease.

Coming to a place of surrender is so raw, so revealing, it is by no means an easy trip or ride, but I promise you when you take the courage to move the pain and feel the pain a shift happens. Courage is a word I use often. It takes courage to tell your story, it takes courage to own your story, and most of all it takes courage to be YOU.

What does being YOU mean? Being authentic is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime. Being comfortable in your own skin, and not falling prey to what others think of what you should be or who you be is the key to all success and is most liberating for your soul. When you are authentic with self you will not only have freedom within but you will also allow others to be more comfortable with themselves.

The power of owning your story and sharing it creates a vibration of healing not only for yourself but for others because you are not alone. When you start to realize there is only one you, always will only be one you, you may start to realize how powerful you actually are and even though there are many like you, who will identify with you , there is still only one you!

Journaling is a great tool to use to start owning your story, write, let it flow, when you go back and read what you have written you may surprise yourself. Meditation will help you find peace and answers, prayer will give you strength, and being you will give you freedom!.

My mantra,
“When we heal we share, when we share we heal!”

— Anne Marie Foley

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